Netflix And Disney+ Are Getting Integrated Into Google Play Movies

These days people may find it difficult to manage different video streaming subscriptions on their device. As a result, Google is integrating content from Netflix and Disney+ inside Google Play Movies so that users can manage each of their subscriptions under the same App.

This new update to Google Play Movies could be very handy for the users as they don’t have to search for movies and shows individually on each of the video streaming services. They just have to link the accounts on Google Play Movies and easily browse for content whether it is Netflix, Disney+ or any other video-based App for that matter.

This will not only save time for the users but also let them open and close a service under the same App without opening multiple Apps at the same time while looking for what to watch and of course, they can browse the content in Play Movies as well.

Some of the other services that will be supported are Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO NOW, Starz, Showtime, HBO GO. You can manage them easily under the ‘Manage Services’ option in the Play Movies App. Google also gives you the ability to add your local cable service if you use it.

However, this feature is currently available only in the United States and we are not sure when the company will make it available for other countries. But as far the usability is concerned, the feature does seem pretty handy for a heavy user of video streaming services.

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