How To Improve Battery Capacity On Your OnePlus Device Running On Android 10

Battery life is something that is important to all of us as we do most of our daily tasks on our smartphone. If you own a OnePlus phone running on Android 10 and are worried about the battery capacity, then you can do some tweaks to improve it and make the battery last longer.

Here are some of the tips you can try to maximize the battery on your OnePlus device:

Adaptive Battery: Its a great feature to get started with battery saving mode. Simply turn it on under the Battery option in Settings and you are good to go as it runs in the background and tries to limit the battery use as and when needed.

Battery Optimization: OnePlus smartphones comes with its own battery optimization settings for individual Apps. It automatically scans certain Apps and starts optimization for them in the background. If any App is causing problems for you, you can quickly start the battery optimization for that App and you can also force quit any App if you need better performance out of it. You can also make use of the ‘Sleep standby optimization’ for instances where your phone remains inactive for a longer duration thus saving ample amount of battery.

Battery Saver Mode: This is the default mode for saving battery that comes in all Android 10 phones. Here, you will have to set the desired battery percentage upon which the mode will turn on and do its work.

Display Settings: You can easily bump your resolution from 1440p to 1080p from the display settings. This will have a major difference to the battery consumption and it won’t be even noticeable to your eyes.

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