Game Review: Creepy Little Monsters For iOS And Android

If you are well-versed with classic arcade gameplay action, then you have to definitely check out Creepy Little Monsters available on both iOS and Android platforms. The game basically revolves around a little monster who needs to escape the lair and attain his freedom. For achieving this, you will have to go through 20 challenging levels with resistance from other creepy creatures along the way.

Content and Features

The game starts off like any other adventure game from Level 1 with a few obstacles and monsters. It eventually builds up and you start facing all types of creepy monsters whom you have to defeat and march ahead. You also keep earning points as and when you cross levels which consist of dungeons, castles and caves. The best thing about this game is that it is completely ad-free which means that you will not have any kind of interruptions while playing. Apart from this, the game resembles the classic arcade games of the 80s and 90s which brings back a lot of old memories.

It includes the gameplay of Mario and the addiction of Flappy Bird where it is tough to survive and score points. Also, the monsters keep shooting at you leaving you very less space to get out of trouble. It can take some time for you to learn the controls but it soon gets very addictive as you cross a few levels. Only flaw is that the character is very tiny and it can be tough to spot, especially for new players.

Display and Appearance

The game design is pretty good and the controls are also simple for anyone who’s new to the game. The interface is also clear to know about the score and the level in which you are playing. The dark theme suits this monster game really well and the music is calm and engaging.

Final Verdict

We have had many monster games, but this one really stands out for its neat and clear gameplay. Also considering that the game is ad-free, it makes up for a highly entertaining title which you can play for hours at a stretch.

Its a very challenging and complex game and if you are into that kind of thing, you are definitely going to like Creepy Little Monsters.

You can download the game from App Store and Google Play Store.

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