Apple Grabs Patent For Under-Display Touch ID In iPhones

Apple has received a new patent today where it could implement fingerprint sensors under the display in future iPhones. This would be similar to the Touch ID that has been implemented on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop. This new Touch ID tech also has the potential to replace Face ID in iPhones.

The patent has been granted to Apple by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is titled ‘”Apple’s Next-Gen Touch ID uses Optical Imaging Sensors under a Display for a Variety of Devices like Apple Watch’. The tech giant had introduced the biometric security system for the first time with the iPhone X series and it continues to bring new innovations in this arena to provide better security and privacy for all Apple users.

This new technology will allow Apple to read the user’s fingerprint optically instead of the captive touch feature that’s running on the existing iPhones, MBP 13 and 15 inch and the new MacBook Air. There is a possibility that it will work alongside the Face ID and Touch ID that is already available making it solely the user’s wish on how they would like to use the biometric system on their iPhones.

According to the patent, the under-display Touch ID would function as follows: An optical image sensor is carried by the housing under the display. The optical image sensor senses biometric image data associated with a user, such as, for example, data representative of a biometric image of the fingerprint patterns of the user’s finger. The controller may perform an authentication function by matching the acquired biometric image data to the stored biometric template data stored in the memory, for example. The controller may perform and/or restrict functionality of the electronic device based upon the authentication as will be appreciated by those skilled in the art. In some embodiments, there may be more than one optical image sensor.

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