Google’s YouTube Page Adds A List Of How-To Videos For Pixel 4 Users

Although it has 2 months since the release of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices, the new users may not be fully aware about the features and how to use them effectively. As a result, Google has release a full set of how-to videos for Pixel 4 owners who can watch them and learn to take the best selfies, setup face unlock among other things to know about.

The YouTube playlist named as ‘How to use your new phone’ highlights 23 how-to videos covering wide range of information for Pixel 4. The video length for each of these videos ranges from 19 seconds to 50 seconds with the longest one being ‘Caption Videos With Live Caption’ and the shortest one being ‘How wide is the selfie cam?’.

If you own a Pixel 4 device, you will be able to find videos ranging from the basic information to the ones that are a bit complicated especially if you are using the phone for the first time.

Here’s the list:

– Take low-light photos with Night Sight
– Share photos with social share
– Using dual exposure controls
– Get the best shot with Top Shot
– How wide is the selfie cam?
– How good is Super Res Zoom?
– Control your phone with Motion Sense
– Set up face unlock
– Access the new Google Assistant
– Using the new Google Assistant across apps
– Control your phone with the new Google Assistant
– Using the new Recorder
– Caption videos with Live Caption
– Inserting your SIM card
– Contact Support
– Learn from an expert
– Share feedback
– Navigating your Pixel
– Find your favorite apps
– Organize your apps
– Add widgets to your home screen
– Text from your laptop
– Take a screenshot

(Source: 9to5 Google)

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