You Can Now Manually Tag People In Google Photos

Google is now finally allowing the users of Google Photos to tag photos manually as they wish. This functionality was not available before and there was not way that the user could manually tag a person. This new change brings a sigh of relied to many who can do manual tagging instead of relying on Google’s algorithm which detects a face when it sees it.

The feature is currently rolling out to all Android users and once you have the feature, you can start tagging your friends or family member in your pictures. However, this feature comes with a restriction where you can only tag people if Google recognizes the picture and you can’t tag a picture if Google is not able to detect the image even though the image is clearly visible.

The reason for this could be because the person may have turned his face or when the face might be hidden by something. But it seems to work well for most parts and is still better than having no manual tagging ability at all. The feature will be part of the latest version of Google Photos and you can get it by installing the latest update although it will take time to reflect on Android phones as the rollout is slow at the moment.

Google has voiced the possible privacy concerns regarding the face grouping feature. Enabling it require Google to analyze various pictures to facilitate AI pattern recognition. However, users can wish to turn this feature off in case they don’t want Google to scan through their pictures.

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