Top 5 Cyber Monday Deals

We are back to that part of the year where you can avail incredible discounts with Cyber Monday Deals on various online portals. Although these deals look sweet, you can take advantage of it only for a day that is the coming Monday – December 2nd. Gear up quick as there’s only 48 hours to go and you should be aware of the best deals around you before you decide to purchase any of them. Here’s our list:

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is a massive hit since its release as the demands have also gone higher than sales in the past few weeks. These third-generation AirPods now come with active noise cancellation, flexible silicone ear tips, sweat and water resistance among other cool features. If you are looking to buy one, you should definitely buy it on Cyber Monday as you will get $15 discount from Amazon.

Xbox One X

Who doesn’t like gaming on a Xbox device? You get to have a nice discount of $150 for the Xbox One X 1TB console on Cyber Monday. Best thing about the deal is that it comes bundled with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, NBA 20k20 and more games. On the usual days, this console retails for $500, so you should definitely not miss on this purchase considering that you are a hardcore gamer.

Surface Book 2

Coming to laptops, the options that are available in the market are endless. But for consumers who only opt for premium laptops, the deal on Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is as good as it gets. If you head over to Microsoft’s website, you will see this device discounted at a massive value of $500. Thus, the total comes to just around $700 from $1150.

Nintendo Switch

If Xbox One X was not enough, the Nintendo Switch gaming device is also available on discount for $299. You also get the Mario Cart 8 deluxe bundled up which sells separately for $60. Also, the original cost of Nintendo Switch is $400, so all-in-all you save close to $160 on this deal. Switch makes portable gaming easier and is preferable if you are a person who is always on the move.

Samsung 8K QLED TV

Looking to buy a new Smart TV? Samsung’s 82-Inch 8K QLED TV is now selling for a discount of $5000 which means you can buy it for around $4,997.99. The TV offers a high resolution and immersive display, excellent sound quality which goes well with Soundbar pairing and much more. The TV also supports Alexa which can help you search for news, sports, weather information with your voice.

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