Snapchat’s New Lens Makes You Look Older Or Younger

Snapchat always keeps experimenting with their lenses to attract more users on their platform. A new lens has been added on this popular social media platform that lets the users become old or young by simply sliding on the smartphone screen. The Lens is called Time Machine and it will take only a few seconds for you to go forward or backward in time with your appearance.

This new lens is very accurate and is also a step ahead for the company in its efforts to boost up Augmented Reality features on its platform. Snapchat had also offered a early access to the Time Machine Lens which actually impressed a lot of people. The company is also facing stiff competition from Facebook in the AR industry who are also developing their own technology and adding AR based features on their group of Apps including Messenger and Instagram.

The Time Machine is different from the Face App which went viral recently but when you go for the older appearance in this lens, it will definitely remind you of the Face App. While the hype has now been taken away, the Time Machine Lens is just another lens on the App where you can see either a younger or an older version of yourself.

Still, it is an interesting addition as people are going to use it just because it is new and something different from the usual lenses. This new lens works in the same fashion like the other lenses and will disappear in 24 hours after you share it with your friends.

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