Snapchat Is Investing $750k In AR Influencers

Snapchat has announced that it it going to commit around $750,000 to AR influencers at the recently held LensFest event. This event is held every year and is based on virtual Lens that is widely popular on this App. This initiative is a part of Snapchat’s major push to boost the creativity of incfluencers on their platform.

The company had assembled more than 100 creators at its headquarters in Santa Monica last month lead by CEO Evan Spiegel and the chief technology officer and co-founder Bobby Murphy. The best thing about this meet was that the number of creators who attended were in double the numbers compared to last year. One of the creator who attended LensFest said that they will be having more opportunities and projects to pitch to Snapchat when they receive a bigger fund to execute it.

This is actually true because the creators are highly talented and not everyone is financially capable to make big moves unless a company sponsors their projects. The company also launched the Spectacles 3 recently which is the third version of their video glasses which will also be available for the creators to experiment. These 3D glasses cost around $380 dollars and are capable of shooting videos with 3D augmented reality effects.

The future for Snapchat lies in AR Lenses and it is pushing hard to invest in the right places beginning with the creators who will be developing incredible AR lenses in the coming months and years. Rival companies like Microsoft and Apple are also creating their own AR glasses that will eventually compete with Spectacles.

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