Sleep Easy And Meditate Better With Headspace For iOS And Android

Headspace is a popular health and fitness App being ranked on #8 on the App Store and is the editor’s choice on the Play Store. If you wish to achieve the best overall mental fitness whether it is regarding stress, anxiety, physical fitness, personal growth or others, this App will help you meditate in the right away in easy steps and short courses. You can select your desired course from the given list and start right away with the meditation.

Content and Features

The App has a variety of playlists ranging from productivity, sports, sleep and focus that is all curated to personal well-being. The meditation duration ranges from 5 mins all the way up to 120 mins which users can choose to conduct the meditation guided or unguided. Along with that there is also a group meditation feature that is scheduled at particular times to unite various users in their meditation. The App also has certain videos curate towards mind-fullness and personal well-being in the busy distracted world we live in.

Display and Appearance

The interface is very unique and intuitive. There are a variety of animated characters that are used to depict how our mind functions. Such characters are also used to illustrate various mindful processes that gives a playful vibe into understanding our mind. The UI is fairly minimal and at the front page it gives a comprehensive view of all the meditation courses available.

Final Verdict – Although you can find plenty of other meditation Apps, Headspace is a very different and unique in its own aspect. You can change your habits for the good and improve your personal self in a matter of weeks if not days. The free version gives you access the basic meditation course of 10 days while the paid version unlocks variety of meditation packs. We rate it 10/10.

You can download Headspace from Google Play Store and App Store.

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