Phone Casino Payment

In the last decade or so we have come to rely on our smartphones to complete many tasks that would have, in the past, eaten into our daily lives, and we use them for far more than keeping up with our social media sites or keeping in contact with family and friends.

Today, we shop and pay for goods and services, we book and pay for holidays, concert and movie tickets, we reserve restaurant seats, in fact we have come to view our smartphones as an essential piece of kit, you only have to walk down the street to see how many people are using their phones as proof.

We monitor our health and source our entertainment via our smartphone – indeed to have one stolen or to lose one can add up to a minor disaster for many.

The Mobile Market

The mobile market is a massive concern worth billions of dollars and seeing the potential in this market has proved to be incredibly lucrative for some industries, and in particular the gambling industry.

The Gambling in dusty has always embraced new technology and innovative ideas and as a consequence was light years ahead of some industries when it came to optimising their services for the mobile market.

Using the Knowledge

This willingness to use the knowledge, and the technology developed has led to games that work seamlessly on mobile devices, offering players the opportunity to have some casino actions whenever and wherever they choose (as long as there is a reliable internet connection)

Players can use this resource to get some casino action when it suits them, instead of having to wait to get home a few games can be played on the commute to work or in a lunch break, anywhere is possible.

Mobile games are convenient and they are fun and exciting to play. Gone are the days where a game would crash half way through and where graphics were at the very least, poor.

Today’s mobile games play and look as good as those that are played on a PC.

Keeping You Safe

Unfortunately, there will always be that criminal element who would be happy to steal our personal information and use it for their own ill-gotten gains, it’s a sign of our times and to combat it online companies have put into play stringent measures to make sure that this does not happen.

Using Your Phone to Make a Deposit

All the best online casinos have a good selection of payment options for players to fund their accounts and one of those payment methods that has enjoyed increased popularity is using your phone bill to pay for online casino games.

Simple to set up all you need to do is this:

• Choose ‘Pay by Mobile’ option when you want to make a deposit (this could also be shown as ‘BOKU’ or ‘Payforit’.)

• You then need to follow the on-screen instructions and will need to tap in your phone number (this is a one-off process)

• You will be sent SMS confirmations throughout the process so there is no need for concern

• Make your deposit (currently a £30 daily limit)

• Confirm your deposit

• Your funds will be instantly credited to your online casino account

• The cost of your games with either be deducted from your pay-as-you-go balance or added onto your monthly bill

Safe and secure with no need to give any banking details, it’s not really surprising that this method of buying digital services is fast becoming one of the most popular.

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