Facebook Brings The Whale App For Creating Memes

Facebook has released a new App called Whale that can be used for creating and sharing unique memes. The App is currently restricted to Canada where the description on the App Store says that you can edit your own images and photos using the stock library of photos.

The App is being developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team that was formed up earlier this year to come with a set of experimental Apps for this social media giant. Facebook had different name for this team earlier and it was formed with the basic idea to find more features and functionalities that will be useful for the people but they also mentioned that some of the Apps would be shut down if they end up not being useful.

The Whale App will bring out the creativity in the users and let them do all sorts of things with all the available tools in the App. Users can stickers or texts to any image to make a personalized meme which can ve eventually shared with friends and followers on Messenger and other social media Apps. You can also create new stickers with the help of crop and cut tools which can be shared on WhatsApp.

Best thing about this App is that there is also a drawing tool where you can carve a meme out of your imagination and bring it life. The App gives complete freedom to the users when it comes to meme making and is absolutely free to use without in-App purchases or any type of subscriptions.

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