Blinkist For iOS And Android – Read Summarized Version Of Non-Fictions Books

Book reading can be time-consuming. We all know the struggles of reading long books ranging from 300-400 pages, topping it up with your life and work commitments makes it impossible to meet your reading goals. Blinkist is a great App which lets you overcome your reading problems and easily get all the key insights of a book in just 15 minutes. The App only covers non-fiction books and it will help you grasp the most important things without having to spend weeks or months reading it.

Content and Features

Blinkist has a massive book library that covers subjects from professional areas like Science, Economics, Psychology, History, Culture along with Business and Self-improvement titles. You can choose any book related to your field of mastery and start learning new things each day. The App has over 3000+ bestselling titles for a broad range of categories based on the field you desire to read. You can also switch to audio version of the book in case you don’t want to read and vice versa. Based on your daily reading, you will be shown recommendation and curated lists to sharpen your skills and help you get smarter.

Display and Appearance

We like the user interface as it is very clear with all the information and not cluttered like other book reading Apps. Once you start with a book, switching between text and audio is very simple from any specific page. The App also lets you customize playlists so that you don’t have any issues while listening in the gym or while doing chores.

Final Verdict – An effortless reading App that helps you stay updated with stuff while going about with your personal/work life. The summaries are very effective for any reader who wishes to take all the key info from a book and you can actively read books from more authors at the same time. We rate it 10/10.

You can download Blinkist from Google Play Store and App Store.

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