Apple Music For Business Launches For Retail Stores

Apple has launched a new music service on behalf of Apple Music that is only targeted towards businesses. It’s plainly called Apple Music For Business where any of the retail stores can play licensed music and take advantage of human-curated playlists from Apple and even customized playlists for that specific brand of store.

The company has partnered with PlayNetwork to bring Apple Music For Business into reality and make it accessible to all kinds of business organizations and enterprises in the world. It’s easy for any business to sign-up and start serving the music in their stores in different locations.

Music streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music have never let the music to be played in commercial locations as it is only restricted to individual listeners. However, both these companies have now started providing their music services to businesses so that the retail audience can also listen to their favorite music that has been specifically licensed for business use.

This makes it easy for any retail store to play music legally and the customers will also like listening to it while they go around with their shopping. Earlier, these business had to acquire a license to play music legally at their location. This usually involved paying higher money per streams which was never sustainable in the long run and they also had to make special deals with the providers.

The retail stores can make use of this special Apple Music For Business App to play any of the curated playlists and control the playback with ease.

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