YouTube Music Gets Its Own Desktop App

YouTube Music has received new updates today which may not be big but still very helpful. One of them is the ability to play music from a desktop web App which will remove the need to listen music on the browser and other is the Siri integration for iPhones and iPads.

After receiving the support for Spotify recently, you can now play songs on YouTube Music from Siri. Apple has open sourced the SiriKit in iOS 13 which makes it easier for a lot of App developers to integrate Siri and make the features of the App more accessible to the users. For instance when you are using Siri on an iOS device, you can just say ‘Hey Siri, play Taylor Swift on YouTube Music’ for YouTube Music playback without opening the App or browser.

The integration of Siri with music streaming Apps like Apple Music, Spotify and now YouTube Music is making it faster to play music wherever you are without even thinking for a second.

Coming back to YouTube Music desktop App, you can simply download it and start playing your favorite tracks. The company should have released this a long time back during the YouTube Music launch, so its strange to see the desktop App come so late for millions of listeners in the world. Good thing is that if you are a paid subscriber, you can directly launch YouTube Music from the App icon on your desktop without having to unnecessarily open the browser every time you want to listen to some song.

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