You Can Now Pay Bills With Amazon Pay Using Alexa

Amazon has added a new functionality for Amazon Pay Indian users where they can now pay any of their utility, mobile, internet and cable bills using Alexa. It’s actually the first time that the company has added this kind of support where it makes it easier for the users to pay any of their bills instantly with the help of Alexa.

Amazon recently concluded the Great Indian Festival where it sold millions of items at great discounts in India. They are well aware of the impact that the country is having on its operations and overall sales so it is not hard to imagine that they want these Indian consumers to be able to pay their bills also effortlessly with their virtual assistant Alexa.

Amazon devices which run on Alexa will support this functionality such as the Echo Dot smart speaker and the Fire TV Stick dongle. If you happen to have a third-party headphone that has in-build Alexa, chances are that you would be able to pay bills with Amazon Pay easily.

Amazon previously allowed users to purchase items with Alexa in India and international markets. But never gave users the freedom to pay electricity, cooking gas, broadband, water bills by simply giving voice commands to Alexa. This actually makes Amazon Pay very powerful considering that they have not even able to compete as much with the likes of Paytm, Freecharge and other bill payment services in India.

The company said that the number of users on Amazon Pay has increased by three times and most of the transaction during the festival sale in India were done via Amazon Pay.

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