New WhatsApp Update Fixes Notification Issue On iPhones

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for iPhones which will finally let them mute notifications from chats and groups that they have muted. This issue had been annoying several users lately as they were still receiving notifications on the app’s icon from these muted chats and groups.

Seems like the company took note of this issue and sent out a fix for all iPhone users after looking at their frustration. The release notes for the update version 2.19.110 of WhatsApp states that ‘Muted chats will no longer display notification badges on the app icon when you receive new messages.’

As far as Android users are concerned, they already had this feature named ‘Show notifications’ which prevents the app icons from showing any muted notifications. Thus, its somewhat late to be added on iPhones where we usually expect any new feature to come before Android.

More often when we are busy the mute feature helps to not overcrowd the notifications on the app icon. We will be only shown the notifications that we really want to see while going through the day with a clutter free experience.

Along with this, the new WhatsApp update also features some other improvements like better alignment while media editing for stickers. emojis and GIFs. The company is also working on new features like self-destructing messages which will only remain available for a certain time after it has been sent and will disappear thereafter. This feature along with some other new features are currently available for all beta testers of the App.

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