Top 5 Web Browsers For Pixel 4

There are plenty of web browsers available on the Play Store for Google Pixel 4. Most often people prefer to have a simple web browser that will show the search results instantly while some prefer to have a feature rich browser that lets them do multiple tasks. If you are finding it tough to decide the right web browser for Pixel 4, here’s our list that has been curated precisely for you:

Google Chrome

The most popular web browser on the Play Store that comes pre-installed on a lot of Android smartphones. People who use this browser are happy about the fact that its Google’s very own browser and never jump to other browsers. The latest update has brought in Material Design to overall UI and you get to have all the newest features first on Chrome.


Firefox became the most reliable web browser after 2018 when the App was given a major design and UI overhaul. This browser is now very much stable, quick in use and secure. New features have also been added like add-ons, tab syncing, cross-platform bookmarking and updated privacy controls. It’s completely free to use and a good alternative to Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

The desktop version of Microsoft Edge seems to be doing just fine and you can now download it on your Android device as well. Best thing is that you can directly sync between Android and Windows 10 desktop without any hassles. Other highlighting features include voice search, privarte browsing mode and QR code reader.

Tor Browser

This is an incredible browsing App if you are always concerned about your privacy and data that you share on the internet. Each time you search for something on this browser, it will automatically connect to proxy network and hide your activity from everyone. You can use Tor browser for free and get the best experience just like any other browser.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is very similar in interface and features in comparison to Google Chrome. The homepage is very clean and you can find everything right there. What makes Kiwi stand out from the rest is its handy customization options such as being able to move the address bar to the bottom, swiping to navigate the browser and a few other features which are under accessibility settings.

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