Top 5 Games On The App Store This Week

For all of you iPhone and iPad gamers, we have selected some of the best gaming titles for this week on the App Store. Our list will give you the most recent and new releases that you can download and play right away. Some of these games are free while some are paid but you will really enjoy them once you get hold of the required skills. Here’s our list:

Call Of Duty Mobile

The most anticipated game of the year is finally available for mobile players. Released on the App Store a few days back, Call Of Duty has already been downloaded over a million times. It features the maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game also has unique multiplayer modes which can be played in first or third person.


Q*bert is a classic puzzle game in a new and improved gameplay. It now features smoother swipe controls which lets you jump faster across the different levels. You can lay your hands of dozens of new patterns in both Classic Arcade mode and other challenging levels. It’s truly arcade gaming at its best!

Aeon’s End

It’s a deck building game where you can take advantage of multiple win and lose conditions. Basically, you have to build a team of five members to fight against the enemy where each of the members will have an equal role in the gameplay. It’s unlike other deck building card games and you will also get to learn new spells to ward of the enemy.


An augmented reality based game that brings your creative drawings to life. You are accompanied with a character named Hako which needs your help with the different puzzles that are carved out of your drawings. The gameplay feels very relaxing and the cute tiny characters make it very entertaining.

Dear Esther

Dear Esther is a very unique adventure game with a compelling visual storytelling setup. Basically, you are a stranded passenger from a shipwreck on a remote island and you are left without any kind of supplies. Thus, you must interact with Esther and see the things that you can explore or do on the island.

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