Snapchat Releases Creative Kit For Web Developers

Snapchat has introduced a new Creative Kit that helps web developers include an easier way to add Snapchat sharing on their own desktop and mobile sites. This will make it easier for the developers who work on behalf of agencies, brands and publisher to add easy sharing options for the users who are also on Snapchat.

A similar kit called Snap Kit was released earlier for mobile application only and with this new Creative Kit, these tools are being extended to broader range of web and mobile developers who can boost the overall presence of the product out of the App.

The way this sharing option on desktops is very simple. People who visit the website on their desktops will be shown a Snapcode upon clicking ‘Share to Snapchat’. You will have to scan this code with the Snapchat App on your phone upon which you will receive the link that will eventually lead people to the website. You can share this link with your friends and followers who can also follow the publisher’s content under the Discover section via the same link.

The latest updates on Snap Kit made it possible for third party developers to integrate Snapchat Stories in their App easily. The company is putting efforts to include more of such features for the developers and for the advertisers as well who can reach out to a wider audience. People share a lot of stuff in their Snapchat Stories on a daily basis which also tends to go viral sometimes making it the most effective channel for App developers.

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