Snapchat Launches Dynamic Ads For Retailers

Snapchat is introducing a new type of advertising on their platform called Dynamic Ads. This new advertising scheme will change the way ads work for retailers and direct-to-consumer brands. They shall be able to directly show any of their products to the users in real time out of their hundreds of other products.

Snapchat has created a set of templates for these advertisements which will be shown to the users based on their interests. These templates will make it easy for the advertisers to showcase their product directly on the App without having to make an entirely new ad manually.

The company has designed these ad templates specifically for mobile. The advertiser just has to sync the product catalogue with Dynamic Ads and Snapchat will automatically create Ads that will be shown to the users. Also, the advertiser doesn’t need to worry if there are any price changes as the ad will adjust on its own.

The advertisers are actually happy with this new tool from Snapchat as it’s easy, reliable and also cheaper compared to apps like Instagram where they charge almost 8 times higher for placing ads. Instagram has also become very saturated with content and it’s not a great place for new brands.

Snapchat is aiming for easier ad creation since a while now. The company had previously launched a tool called Instant Create which would help the advertisers create ads for vertical format on smartphones. The Dynamic Ads will server better in that front where the advertisers will not have to constantly update the ads.

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