Instagram Will Include App Shortcuts On Android Very Soon

Instagram is testing a new feature for Android where users will get access to App shortcuts easily from the App icon on the home screen or the App drawer. This comes a bit late for this popular social media App as the App shortcut feature was originally introduced in Android Nougat.

However, many Apps never added this feature in Nougat and it seems to be a forgotten feature for many Android users. Instagram is now the latest App which is trying to bring back this feature back into the limelight with it’s own set of App shortcuts which includes: Direct, View Activity, New Post, and Camera.

Instagram never had App shortcuts feature on Android before and it will prove to be easier for many users who maybe want to directly jump to the direct messages section of the App instead of navigating in the App and finding the DM section.

Instagram also added the dark mode for Android recently in line with the Android 10 update. This makes the App completely dark similar to the dark theme on Apps like Gmail and YouTube. Instagram in India also received a new update where they finally got access to Instagram music, where the tracks can be tagged in your Instagram stories and let your friends and followers view and listen to that track.

The App shortcuts have started showing up already for a few lucky users and should be gradually available to every other Android user but we are not exactly sure when it will roll out with a stable release.

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