Instagram Has Added The New ‘Restrict’ Feature

Instagram is boosting the privacy on its with many new set of features. The latest one is the ‘Restrict’ feature which will help users avoid any kind of unwanted interactions on the App. Basically, it will avoid the trouble of facing abusive comments in the comment section and also protect the user against offensive posts.

The company announced this new feature in a blog post titled ‘Empowering Our Community to Stand up to Bullying.’ It’s pretty self-explanatory and shows that Instagram is aiming to give more freedom and power in the hands of its users to face bullies.

In this post, company said that the users can restrict someone by swiping left on a comment, through the Privacy tab in Settings, or directly on the profile of the account that they intend to restrict. With the Restrict feature, Instagram users can protect their account from unwanted interactions. Once this feature is enabled and you restrict someone, only they will be able to see their comment and it won’t show below your post and neither would you be able to see it.

In case if you still want to see the comment, you can do it by tapping ‘See Comment’ option. Here you can either view it or even delete that comment. The company also said that once you restrict a person, you won’t be receiving any notifications for comments from a restricted account. A new sticker called ‘Create Don’t Hate’ has also been added to Stories to fight against bullying.

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