Instagram Announces ‘Threads’ App To Stay Connected With Close Friends

Instagram has been busy developing an App since August which is very similar to Snapchat. It’s called ‘Threads‘ and has been solely created keeping user privacy in mind. This new social media App will help Instagram users stay connected with their close friends without having to worry about their data being stolen online.

In Threads, you can access your close friends from Instagram and privately share text, photos and videos with them. Apart from this, users can also share location and battery status with their close friends and also upload their live status. It’s something which should have been on Instagram in the first place, still the company is trying its best to achieve a better result with this new App.

Facebook put up blog post explaining how Thread works and the things you can share with your ‘Close Friends’, a feature that was introduced by the company last year. Basically, close friends helps you add your own choice of people in the list so that you have total control over it and not receive messages from unknown people. Also, you can edit or remove people from this list anytime.

Under Status, you will get options like ‘Studying’, ‘Procrastinating’, ‘Low battery’, ‘At the beach’, ‘On the move’, ‘At home’ or you can also use auto-status which will automatically inform your friends what are you up to with the live location.

Threads is a great App if you want to share intimate stuff only with a small group of people – 4 to 5 members. It will not only help you with privacy but also not use any of your info that you share on Threads for ads.

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