Instagram Adds ‘Create Mode’ For Throwbacks

Instagram has added a new Create Mode on the App where users will be able to share pics of events from the past that were taken on the same day. It is very similar to how Throwback Thursdays work, it’s just that the company has now converted into a feature.

The main asepct of Create is the ‘On This Day‘ option where a random feed post will be shown to you that was shared on the same calendar date in the past. If you don’t like it, you can tap on the dice button to change the image. After you have the desired On This Day post, you can easily share it your Stories which can be opened by your friends and followers.

People don’t have something interesting to share every single day which is where the On This Day post will come in handy. It has a good blend of nostalgia and also has the power to convert any of your fond memories into a worthy content.

Speaking about this new feature, one of the Instagram spokesperson said that this new mode helps one combine interactive stickers, drawings and text without needing a photo or video to share. Also, On This Day suggests memories and lets you share them via Direct and Stories.

Users on the receiving end of the On This Day posts cannot directly view it inside the Stories. They will have to tap on the link and open it on a different page. That’s not very cool, Instagram could have surely done better.

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