Google To Fix Pixel 4 Face Unlock Bug

The face unlock feature on Pixel 4 has been reportedly causing problems for several users lately as the phone unlocks even with the eyes closed. Now Google has got back in response to this issue and said that it will be coming up with an update eye detection unlock feature in the coming months.

The Google Pixel 4 users had complained on Twitter and other social media Apps about his problem where they were easily able to unlock the phone with their eyes closed. During the launch of the Pixel 4 models, Google had shown the ‘requires eyes to be open’ toggle under the face unlock settings which in reality is not visible in both the models and also won’t be there on the Pixel 4 phones that are being shipped right now.

Although Google has assured an update to this closed eyes problem, it defends its stance for the face unlock feature on Pixel 4 devices saying that the Pixel 4 face unlock meets the security requirements as a strong biometric, and can be used for payments and app authentication, including banking apps. Also, it is resilient against invalid unlock attempts via other means like with masks.

Pixel 4 already has a feature called ‘Screen Attention’ that keeps the display on while you look at it but unfortunately this doesn’t work when you use the face unlock, which should also have been there in the first place.

Google has unveiled the new Motion Sense gesture technology on the Pixel 4 smartphones which lets the users make use of hands free gestures on the supported gesture Apps for this device.

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