Google Duo Receives Dark Mode Update

After the launch of Android 10 operating system, Google is not sparing any of its App from the dark theme upgrade and the latest one to join this is Google Duo. This video calling is finally available in dark mode and users will be able to see this theme with the latest update.

The dark theme is very similar to the ones that you see in Google’s other native Apps with a dark grey background and the text in white and light grey. It’s a server side update from Google and will be gradually available for all users. So you won’t be able to make use of the dark theme until the update is available on your Android smartphone.

You can manually switch between the light and dark theme from inside the App in case you prefer using the white theme after the update. The overall update doesn’t bother the video calling feature and only affects the UI and the menus in the App.

Google also added some new features recently on Duo for both Android and iOS. One of them was the media sharing feature where the user can send a photo or video to the other member during the video call without having to share the image later on some other App like WhatsApp. Another feature added was group video calling where up to 4 people can simultaneously communicate on video without any issues. Google Duo had also reached 1 billion users earleir this year which makes it the most preferred video call App around the globe.

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