Google Adds Incognito Mode On Maps

Google has been focusing more on user privacy and security in the recent times and it has now introduced the Incognito mode on Google Maps. This new feature works similar to the incognito mode on Chrome and will not save any of the user’s Maps search history in their Google account.

It’s a great feature for those who don’t want to share their information with Google or any third-party apps and also for those who maybe using the phone with another person and don’t want them to know about the Map activity. However, the downside of incognito mode is that you won’t be able to have a personalized experience such as information regarding commute, restaurant recommendations, and a few of the other features that the user may have customized in the App’s settings.

But the incognito window can be turned of anytime and you can always go back to the usual working nature of Google Maps. Apart from this, Google also announced that users will be able to delete their voice history on Maps with just a simple voice command on Google Assistant very soon. The Assistant will make use of Artificial Intelligence to detect all the audio files and erase them from the phone memory in an instant.

The company will also be giving users on YouTube the ability to delete their viewing and search history after a defined period of time with an ‘Auto-delete’ function. The incognito mode on Maps has now started rolling out for Android and will be available on iOS very soon.

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