Dark Mode Has Started Rolling Out On Gmail And Maps

Google has released the dark mode for Gmail last month but it was only available to a select number of Android users. The official roll out for all devices supporting Android 10 has now begun and you will soon receive the dark mode update on Gmail. Maps will also be receiving this update very soon.

One of the Google’s spokesperson said that the dark mode options are currently only available for Android 10+ and iOS 11+ and he recommended people to update the App in order to start using the dark mode. He further said that users on Android 10 and iOS 11 (and newer versions) should be able to see an option for the dark mode very soon under settings.

Google made these announcements on Twitter where they also teased the dark mode for Google Maps in a separate tweet showing a GIF with each of Google’s native Apps running on dark mode. Android phones were displayed in this GIF which confirms that Android 10 will be receiving these updates but the company has not given any mentions for dark mode for their Apps on iOS.

One the other hand, a few of the Android smartphones like Huawei are yet to get the update for dark mode on Gmail and Maps while ther dark mode update is already running on Maps for a few iOS users. In case you have not received the update on your phone yet, you don’t have to worry as the updates are rolled out out slowly on a few of the Android phones.

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