Auto-Delete Feature Is Now Available On YouTube

YouTube has added a new feature for its users where they can easily delete the watch history without having to do much. It’s basically an option under My Activity where you can select the duration upto which you want to keep your browsing history. Once it crosses this time limit, your watch history on YouTube will be automatically erased.

Google already has the auto-delete feature for browsing and location data on an Android phone and this very same feature will now be available on YouTube. It’s a great addition for the App because people who are concerned with their privacy will now be able to monitor their usage, history and take action accordingly.

youtube auto-delete history feature

Once the person accesses the settings, they will be able to see three options for the auto-delete feature. The first is ‘Keep until I delete manually’ where the user will be able to delete the history manually, the second is ‘Keep for 18 months’ where the data will be deleted after 18 months and that last option is ‘Keep for 3 months’ where the data will be deleted after 3 months.

Google is aiming to improve their overall user experience with these privacy-tools and they have also added incognito mode on Google Maps where the person can search for a location in a private window without the data being saved in their Google account. Similarly, Google Assistant is also getting a feature where you will be able to erase everything you said to Google with a simple command like “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week.”

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