New AirPods Will Have A New Design And Noise Cancellation

A new image found on iOS 13.2 beta shows the rumored design of the new AirPods. It appears to be an in-ear earphones with ear tips and a brand new overall design. Some of the references found inside of iOS shows to have different listening modes which will also include the noise cancellation mode.

The design appears to be like wireless earphones just like the AirPods 2, but will also have rubber or silicone tips maybe for noise insulation. So one thing is sure that there will be no wires involved and the device will be completely wireless and also charge inside its case.

The references shows the iOS to have a ‘focus mode’ which might be a name given by Apple for the noise cancellation technology. Earlier reports had also suggested that the new AirPods would be water resistant, but there is no confirmation about that as of now.

The current version of the AirPods doesn’t have a design which would go along well for noise cancellation because they don’t even fit properly in the ear canal. This could be the reason why the company is working on a new design that will house the noise isolation technology very efficiently.

The exact date for the release of AirPods 3 is not known but the very famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will come out with two new models that could be out by next year. People were predicting the announcement in the recently held Apple launch event but that didn’t happen and looks like the company has delayed the release on purpose.

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