5 Best Apple Arcade Games

Apple finally launched the Apple Arcade gaming service last month and is now available on iOS 13. This service looks very exciting with over a 100 new gaming titles created with the help of third party developers. You can make use of the free trial month to explore each and every game that this service has on offer and if you like, you will have to pay a monthly fees of $4.99 to continue. Here’s our list of the five best Apple Arcade games that you must definitely try:

What The Golf

This game is very fresh and offers great scenarios with the basic setup of golf. Even though there is nothing like golf in here, it uses the physics of golf and lets you play in different situations. But it’s loads of fun and you will get addicted to the game in no time.

Mini Motorways

It’s an excellent startegy game where you need to place roads in the city in order to counter the ever growing population. The maps include real world location of Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow among others. You also have to make sure there is no traffic situation in any of these places where new buildings and bridges are being added non-stop.

Speed Demons

A racing game that you can play facing top down. Just like the name suggests, your car will be blazing through the road at high speeds and with easy tap controls, you need to make your way through the traffic. In addition to racing, you also get to play in these game modes: escape, rampage, rally, and pursuit.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Oceanhorn 2 is follow up to Oceanhorn that was launched way back in 2013. Very similar to Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Switch, this game offers a very cool action adventure gameplay with the use of swords and arrows. It’s a fantastic RPG game and after you get used to playing it for a while, you will surely want to complete the adventure.

Cat Quest 2

Another terrific RPG game on Apple Arcade other than Oceanhorn 2. The best thing about Cat Quest 2 is the open map gameplay where you can move around freely and battle. It’s a fast paced action game and is much improved in terms of graphics and overall design compared to the original game.

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