You Can Now Share Your WhatsApp Stories To Facebook

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature where the user will be able to share any of their status Stories to Facebook. This will make it easier for a WhatsApp user to instantly share a status to their own Facebook profile without having to make separate story or post on Facebook.

The company had introduced the Stories feature on the App back in 2017 and since then it has made a lot of changes and improvements for this feature and it was also introduced on Facebook later on. A user can add any images or videos on Stories, which can be viewed by any of their friends or people in the contact list within 24 hours after which the Stories disappears automatically.

You can now access the Share to Facebook feature by just tapping the share button where you will see all the Apps listed for sharing your WhatsApp status. When you tap ‘Share to Facebook Story’, it will automatically share your WhatsApp status to your Facebook instantly. One of the user on Twitter said that this new feature is an interesting addition on WhatsApp and serves as a centralized mode of communicating to various platforms

WhatsApp didn’t have this kind of sharing feature previously and these additions could be part of a larger system where Facebook is planning to combine WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook into one single App by 2020.

WhatsApp has been introducing a lot of new features on the App lately. The recent one being the fingerprint authentication for all WhatsApp beta users which improves the overall security of the App.

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