Top 5 Features Of iOS 13

iOS 13 is finally out for iPhone users and it could not come at a better time after the launch of the new iPhone 11 models. The key feature of this new update is the support for dark mode which the users have been anticipating since a long time. Most importantly, iOS 13 will be compatible with iPhone 6S / iPhone SE or later. Here are the five best features for iOS 13:

Dark Mode

The most noticeable and massive change, since iOS 7, in iOS 13 is the dark mode. You just cannot take your eyes way from this new addition and as soon as you get the update you won’t be able to resist turning on the system wide dark mode. Right from Apple’s native Apps to the notifications and dock, everything is in black now.


Apple has uplifted the Reminders App with a new look and feel. It stays in line with the other newly designed Apps and now features colourful icons and rounded rectangle fields. Apple has also added new filter options and it will also make use of AI to suggest you when to be reminded. Family based reminders is also supported.

Find My

The new Find My app combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into one single App. This makes it easier for the users to keep track of their missing devices and their dear ones on the same interface. Even when you are offline, it will track your Apple devices via a bluetooth beacon. Very cool.

Swiping Keyboard

Apple finally introduced this popular Android feature on iOS 13. The company calls it ‘Quick Path’ and works in a similar fashion like SwiftKey, Swype or Gboard. You just have to swipe across the keyboard with your thumb to type words and sentences. It’s a much faster process compared to traditional typing and also very accurate.

FaceTime Correction

Probably the best feature on iOS 13 is FaceTime eye correction. If you are a regular user of video call service, you will know that the person on the receiving end would usually see the other person gazing on the screen. But with this new eye correction technology, it will automatically fix the gaze and align the persons eyes digitally as if they are looking straight at the other person.

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