Top 5 Apps For Cyclists

Whether you ride a cycle for fun or you are passionate cyclist, a few cycling Apps would help you have a better experience. These Apps will monitor your cycling, fitness levels, keep track of distances covered and will also suggest where you can rent a cycle for a day or so. Here’s the list of the five best apps for cyclists:


The most popular App among the cyclist community who use it to record their rides, distance, time and speed. It will also help you with your fitness and tell you the information such as calorie burned and also if you have achieved any new goals that is set up by Strava.

The App is available to download on Play Store and App Store.


Zwift is a virtual cycling platform that lets you train and connect with millions of cyclists around the world. You can cycle right from the comfort of your home while viewing your progress on a TV or any supported display. It’s a great concept and unlocks a massive potential for indoor cycling.

It’s available on iOS devices for $14.49 per month.


If you are having difficulty in finding routes while cycling, then this App is for you. It maps out the best possible route for any destination and you can also map out your own route and share it with the community if you like. MapMyRide also has fitness tracking tools that will hep you track your daily or weekly progress.

The App is available to download on the App Store and Play Store.


This App is for proper training professionals who want to take their fitness and cycling efforts to the next level. It will help you easily structure out your training and make good progress in a short frame of time. The premium subscription comes bundled up with more features to track your everyday activity and progress.

The App comes with a free version on App Store and Play Store and can be upgraded to premium based on your requirement.

Cycle Hire

A great app for finding cycles if you are located in and around London. You can easily search for your cycles by postcodes or the venue. Once you hire a cycle, it will show you all the routes you can follow and it also shows you the places on the Map where cycles are available.

The App is available to download on iOS devices.

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