Swiggy Launches Pick Up And Drop Service In India

Swiggy, India’s popular food delivery platform after Zomato, has launched a new service wherein customers can send/receive any item from one place to another. The service is called Swiggy Go and can be used to pick up and drop packages across anywhere in a city.

This is new service will be a part of the main Swiggy App where you usually order food from various restaurants and food outlets. The company hasd earlier introduced the Swiggy Stores service on the App which can be used to order household items such as groceries, medicines, flowers within an hour.

Swiggy Go will be operational in India starting with the city of Bangalore and will gradually expand to other metropolitan cities. Sriharsha Majety, CEO, Swiggy said that Bengaluru will be the first city in the country to experience the last-mile delivery for everything, not just food. By 2020, they will expand Go to over 300 cities and Swiggy Stores to all the major metros and this will usher a new era of convenience for consumers across India.

Speaking about the Swiggy’s vision, he also said that want to elevate the quality of life of urban consumers by offering unparalleled convenience. After enabling it with food delivery for five years and stores across the city with Swiggy Stores, Go will open the delivery superpower to all consumers in the city.

Swiggy Go will be very useful for people who want a pick up and drop service to deliver tiffin boxes between home and office, important files and documents with clients and also medicines in emergency situations.

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