Street View Feature Is Now Available On Google Maps For Android

Google’s Street View feature has finally made its way into Android phones after being available on the Web for many years. This feature is very handy when a user wants to check the view of any street on Maps and explore the nearby landmarks and locations.

On the Web, the Street View usually works when you pin up the area which you want to view provided it is one of the places that is shown to you by Google Maps. While on the Android version it works a bit differently as you can instantly check the Street View of any location by placing the pin on a particular area on the Map.

In addition to this, Maps will also highlight places for Street View in a certain color so that the user will have the information where they can use this feature instantly. The Street View feature can be turned on via FAB button on the right side of the screen.

Once activated, you can start using it by tapping anywhere on the screen which will bring the Street View for that area. If you zoom-in, the area would be displayed by Maps in Blue while you zoom-out you will be able to see the layout of the area more clearly and in a darker color shade.

It’s a great feature to explore certain places around you that you are not very familiar with and get to know something which you didn’t know about already. Overall, it should help Android users to get more detailed info and guide them precisely for wherever they are going.

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