Spotify Is Testing Siri On iOS 13

A new functionality could be coming to the Spotify App on iPhones where the users will be able to make use of Siri to play songs, albums and playlists. This new feature will make it easier for iPhone owners to play music on their phones and smart speakers.

This feature is being currently tested by Spotify in the beta version and is expected to launch on iOS 13. The Siri integration for Spotify will also work if your iPhone is connected with the Apple Watch, as it is not possible to play tracks from Spotify by directly commanding Siri on the Apple Watch. But this could change if Spotify brings a standalone App for the Apple Watch.

Speaking about this new functionality, Spotify said that they are routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve the user experience where some of those tests end up paving the path for a broader user experience and others serve only as an important learning.

Siri will only work in the latest version of iOS. Therefore make sure you have iOS 13 on your iPhone to make use of this new feature. Apple is adding many new capabilities on iOS 13 for music Apps and now Spotify gets in the same space of Apple Music when it comes to playing songs via Siri.

If you happen to have an AirPods, Siri will be equally handy to play music without requiring the iPhone. You can directly command Siri to play songs on your AirPods from the Spotify service. However, it doesn’t play the podcasts via Siri as it tries to search for songs and playlists instead of the podcast.

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