Snapchat Increases Duration Of Ads To 3 Minutes

Snapchat is making big changes on its business front to make the company more sustainable for the future. It has now introduced a new set of ad and content changes that will help them gain more attention of the users than before. One such change is the expansion of ad lengths from 10 sec long to 3 minute long videos ads.

These new ads will be skippable compared to the previous shorter ads which could not be skipped. This will make it easier for the users to skip any ad by just tapping on the screen and not have to wait until the ad gets over. From the company’s point of view, it will give more room to the advertisers to showcase the longer ads and grab the attention of the users who browse the App daily.

Whether the user decides to skip or watch the ad, it will be completely based on their choice but at the end of the day it will not restrict the advertisers to just 10 sec short clips. David Roter, Snapchat’s VP of global agency partnerships said that Snapchat pioneered vertical video and they were one of the early creators of mobile premium content and now they are expanding the maximum duration of Snap ads.

Earlier, the only option for the advertisers was to prompt the Snapchat users to swipe up on their Ads to watch the entire video ad. This is going to entirely change now with the new announcement thus allowing advertisers to publish longer ad videos directly on the App.

Apart from this, Snapchat has also announced a new set of Snap Original shows which is inclined more towards the younger generation.

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