Snapchat Adds Spotify Music Sharing For Its Users

Snapchat users can now start sharing music and podcast with their friends on the App via Spotify. The company has added this feature after recently adding JioSaavn music sharing for the Indian users of the App. Spotify sharing was earlier available for WhatsApp, Messenger Twitter, Instagram and has now finally made its way to Snapchat.

People on Snapchat can now share whatever that they are listening to on Spotify directly to their friends or publish it under Stories. This will make it easier for your friends to discover what you are listening to and you can will also be able to view what they are up to. Spotify is a very popular music streaming platform in the world and it goes without saying that majority of Snapchat users would be using this service.

You can share any of your favorite track or playlist with just the tap of a button from the Spotify App by selecting the Snapchat option. From here you can edit and send them across your friends and followers on Snap.

It will also let Spotify artists to share their music with the followers on Snapchat helping them get their content across the fans faster and in an easier manner. Direct sharing of music became popular after it was first seen on Instagram and then Facebook Stories. Looks like Snapchat implemented the same a bit late but still would work for 203 million users that are active on this platform.

With the growing competition from Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music, Spotify is trying its best to evolve with the Snapchat integration.

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