iPhone 11 Cases Gives A Glimpse Of The New Design

Apple will be launching the iPhone 11 models tomorrow at the company’s annual launch event in California. New photo shared by Slashleaks for iPhone 11 cases shows the phone’s design and the placement of Apple logo at the back. The leak comes right before the launch and gives a sneak peak into the next iPhone.

The event will be a very exciting event for Apple enthusiasts and it will be interesting to see all the new stuff that the company will be introducing. The leaked images of the iPhone cases shows how things are changing for the iPhone and how it is in line with most of the rumors that we been hearing lately.

Looking at the cases, you can easily see that there is a square hole for the camera which means that iPhone 11 will house the triple-lens camera setup which many of us have been expecting. The cases would also be available in different color options such as blue, green, pink, black and a few others. And the cases also seem to come in matte finish instead of glossy.

The most discoverable change is the position of the Apple logo at he back which has been moved downwards and placed exactly in the center. We are not sure why the logo has been moved but it could be because of the wireless charging capability which could feature for the first time on the iPhone itself. Users will be able to directly charge their AirPods case by simply placing it on the back of the iPhone 11.

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