iOS 13 Beta Users Get Full Access To Apple Arcade

Apple had announced that their subscription based gaming service Apple Arcade will launch for its users on September 19 but it seems like this service is already available for iOS 13 beta testers. These testers will have full access to Apple Arcade games which is scheduled to be launched two days from now.

On this new gaming service, the gamers will have access to 100 exclusive games which can played on iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. Apple unveiled the pricing for this service at the recently held iPhone event and said that users will just have to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 to get their hands on Apple Arcade.

For Indian users, Apple Arcade will only cost $1.49 per month and the company has said that this service will be available in over 150 countries around the globe. The company said in a statement that people will finally get to play games on Apple Arcade that were in the development phase for many years.

Some of these games that will be available on Apple Arcade are:

The Enchanted World: The players will take on the role of a fairy who uses puzzles and challenges to save her collapsing world. The game also include the music of Balkans.

Patterned: The players will have to colour puzzzle pieces and arrange them in a way that they completely finish painting the canvas.

Overland: A post-apocalyptic game that will have keep you moving around the the United States hunting for supplies, rescuing survivors and you can also invite a stray dog for the ride.

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