Google Pixel 4 Will Feature ‘Motion Sense’ Mode

Google is gearing up for the launch of its Pixel 4 smartphone and we have been hearing all the new features such as the 90Hz display and telephoto lens that will feature on this device. A new report by 9to5Google says that Pixel 4 will also come with a Motion Sense technology that will basically come in handy for sports and action shots.

The company says that this new mode will allow users to take pictures with the kind of quality available on high-end DSLR cameras. While capturing any moving shot, you can have the moving subjects in the foreground along with blurry backgrounds with the help of Motion Sense mode on Pixel 4.

The current Pixel devices make use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for portrait shots. Google could be making use of AI for Motion Sense as well to capture clear moving shots without any glitches and visible disturbance in the image.

Google is also working on an improved Night Sight mode for Pixel 4 and this feature was the main highlight for the Pixel 3 series going against the iPhone X series. Camera has always been a talking point for the Pixel smartphone and the company is leaving no efforts to keep enhancing it and updating the features.

Pixel 4 could also feature an 8x camera zoom option similar to the smartphones like Huawei P30 Pro which 5x zoom. We did manage to get a look of Pixel 4 through leaked images and a video and it seems like this device is now ready to go against OnePlus and iPhone.

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