Google Makes It Easier To Search For Movies And TV Shows

Google has made its search engine easier for people who are constantly searching for cool and exciting movies and TV Shows to watch. Today, the company will be personalizing the search results for its users when they want to watch movies based on their mood and will also suggest them various sources and online video platforms where the content can be viewed.

Basically, when you usually are in thee mood to watch something and cannot decide for sure what to watch, then Google will help you by showing you all the trending and popular content based on your viewing preferences. This will help users as more than often in spite of having so many options on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, they end wasting their time searching for good content.

In the blog post, Google said that the search results will give you recommendation for TV Shows and movies which you can either swipe right or left similar to Tinder. This will help the search engine provide better recommendation the next time when you search for something like ‘What to watch’.

Google will instantly tell you where to watch any content that you search for, which includes rental places and streaming sites, so that you won’t have to separately search for that. The company had recently changed the way Google search looks on the desktop with new icons and design. Also, it redesigned the image search tab and has made it very user friendly now to compare different pictures at the same time.

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