Gmail Gets Image Blocking Feature On iOS

Google keeps updating the Gmail regularly based on user feedback and this e-mail based service had got a major revamp this year with the overall design on the web as well as on iOS and Android. The company is now rolling out a new feature on iOS that will help users to block any images that comes with the email attachment.

The feature has been said to be implemented by Google after a recent controversy which involved the sender knowing if the mail is opened and at what time the the receiver has opened it. This usually happens when the receiver downloads the image attachment which gives the sender access to the information.

Thus, the new feature will avoid users from automatically loading the images from the attachment and it can be easily turned on/off under the settings. If you want to enable the image blocking feature, simply head over to Settings -> specific account -> Images and hit ‘Ask before displaying external images’.

This new update will help a lot of Gmail users to be safe at all times when downloading images as they will be asked every time whether they want to download the image or not when they try opening it, reducing any chances of threat from third-party tracking services.

The very same feature was earlier available on the web version of Gmail and it is now available for all users of iOS. We are not sure when it will be released on Android, but we can expect it to happen very soon.

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