Apple Watch Will Soon Have Sleep Tracking Feature

Apple is all set to launch the new Apple Watch alongside the iPhone 11 at the annual launch event on September 10. We don’t have much information about this device so far but what we know is that the company will be adding a sleep tracking feature for the users that will make use of the sensors on the Apple Watch.

Sleep tracking as we know has become a latest trend among people who want to lead a quality and healthy lifestyle. One may think that it’s a basic feature but the quality of sleep does affect our day-to-day life and the things that go along with it. Seems like Apple has taken note of this and is planning to add the sleep tracker on their next set of Apple Watch series.

Users of the Apple Watch will get all the info on their sleep related activity which would be stored by the device with the help of of multiple sensors. This means that the company will not fit any special hardware for sleep tracking but instead include a feature that will track the user’s sleep.

The feature is expected to be available under a new Sleep App for Apple Watch and would also be available on the existing Apple Health App. It will have various settings for sleep alarms and will also notify users to charge the Apple Watch before they go to sleep.

Apple will be competing against FitBit who already have sleep trackers on their fitness trackers and smartwatches.

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