Apple Watch Series 5 Unveiled With Always-On Display

Apple Watch series has been gaining a lot of popularity as it has been saving lives of people who wear it with the help of its advanced features. Leading on this, the company has launched the next version of this device- The Apple Watch Series 5 at the launch event being held today.

The Apple Watch 5 has been completely uplifted with a new design and a set of new Apps for users. The first big feature that has never been included in the previous Apple Watch models is the ‘Always-On mode’. This feature will basically keep your Apple Watch ‘ON’ at all times without you having to reach out to it by raising your wrist each time.

When you move your hand away, instead of switching off the Apple Watch 5 will go into a dim light mode. As soon as you bring the wrist ahead, it will turn bright again. Apple claims that this new addition will help people who are training or when people are in a social gathering letting them glance at their Apple Watch easily.

Another new inclusion is the ‘Compass’ App with a lot of advanced features that helps you navigate while on a road trip or an expedition. Apple Watch 5 will run on watchOS 6 and will also come with a new emergency international calling feature.

The Apple Watch 5 will be available in the Titanium version, apart from the usual aluminium, stainless steel and ceramic models. It will starting shipping from September 20 and will sell for a starting price of $399.

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