Apple Watch 5 Users Are Facing Battery Life Problem

It is not even a month since the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 5 and several owners are facing problems with the battery life on the device. This is particularly happening on the GPS+Cellular model of the wearable, while the regular GPS variant is working fine.

Apple had added a new feature called the ‘Always On’ display on the Apple Watch Series 5. It became an instant hit among the fans but in fact has turned out to be troublesome for the owners of this new Apple Watch.

People have been complaining on social media platforms like Twitter about this issue and even the most famous youtuber MKHB put the blame on the always-on display and said that the battery drain was much as as 30 percent with the this new feature turned on. Also when compared with the older versions of the Apple Watch, the battery drain is absolutely obvious.

For owners of GPS version of the Apple Watch Series, they are not facing this battery problem where one of the users on Twitter put out a statistic saying the battery percentage on Apple Watch 5 stayed at 65 percent even after 9 hours of continuous usage.

The always-on display could actually not be the cause of the battery drain issue on the GPS+Cellular model. Even the earlier Apple Watch 4 model had the same battery issue. The GPS version of Apple Watch 5 shows no signs of battery drain and works perfectly well, thus we are not very sure why is it happening on the Cellular variant. Apple should definitely take note of this issue soon.

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