Apple Music Now Has A Web App In Beta

Apple has unveiled its new web-based interface for Apple Music and subscribers can start using it now. Its a great service for Apple Music listeners who are usually restricted to iTunes or the Apple Music App on iPhone and iPad. However, this new web App is currently in beta phase and it will take time for the company to roll it out officially.

The company previously didn’t have any web App for Apple Music as such and this is the first time that a full fledged web service will be available for this music streaming platform. Just like the Apple Music App, the users will be able search for their favorite songs easily and access all the playlist and libraries once they sign-in.

To use this web service, the subscribers simply need to head over to and login with their Apple ID.

Techcrunch reported that all the main sections from the Apple Music app will be available, including Library, Search, For You, Browse and Radio while other features will roll out over time as the service is further developed. In the beta testing period, Apple will be seeking feedback from customers as it works on the product to help it streamline features and fix any bugs.

The Web App should help users who are surfing the internet and simultaneously looking to listen to some music without having to open iTunes or the Apple Music App. Speaking of the interface, Apple has kept the design very simple with the white theme background and it actually looks very similar to the Apple Music App that the company will be launching soon on macOS Catalina.

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