Apple Will Launch The New 4.7- Inch iPhone SE In 2020

Apple will be launching the iPhone 11 models this month and many people have been waiting for it since a long time now. A new report says that Apple is also working on a successor to iPhone SE which could be launched in the spring of 2020.

The cheaper priced iPhone SE had become instantly popular among the customers when it was launched back in 2016. The phone was smaller in size compared to the larger iPhones at that time and came with a 12MP camera that could record 4K videos. What made this iPhone popular could be because of the size but also because of the pricing as it cost only $399.

iPhone SE was available for purchase only for 2 years and was eventually discounted by Apple in September 2018. The new iPhone SE could bring in improved features and a newer design, being the main selling-point for Apple.

The report says that the new iPhone SE will be very similar to iPhone 8. It will feature an LCD display and will run on the most advanced A13 chip that powers all the latest iPhones. The phone will likely have the Touch ID function but we are not sure about the Face ID function as you can see them only on the high-end iPhone models.

Currently, Apple offers the iPhone XR as a cheaper option for customers who cannot afford iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max. Apple may also surprise us with another cheaper iPhone variant before the new iPhone Se next year. We will have to wait until the launch event to find out.

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